Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A sort of quilting class

I spent last Friday at The Bramble Patch (again!) - this time for a workshop with Jenny Rolfe. ( I don't think she has a blog so have linked to one of her books so you can see 'who' she is) and had a really good time. The workshop was called Tall and Slim and it is a 'tall and slim' wallhanging! There was too much to do in one day so we concentrated on three of the seven pieces. I have carried on since and got this far ...

Piece1 - free machining on the back ground and flower pieces attached with satin stitch. Finished with beads and buttons and still waiting for the edges to be finished off so all the pieces can be joined together and hung. Pieces 2 and 3 are pretty much at this stage too and have been completed in the same way. The rest are appliqued but waiting for their embellishments.

With this last one I was finally pleased with my stitching!


  1. Love this - and the previous post - you are so talented.

  2. ooh gorgeous. you are lucky to have the Bramble Patch so near

  3. Those are lovely! I like your color choices. Our fabric/quilt shop in town just closed down so I have to haul myself 35 miles away for any fabric therapy. Enjoy!


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