Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Fabrics and Dyes

The Bramble Patch run lots of workshops - if you live in the Midlands and enjoy textiles, quilting and mixed media they are worth a look.

On one of my recent Saturdays there we did a bit of fabric dying - great fun. This is what I completed hung out to dry when I got home after a thorough rinsing.

Last Saturday was Batiq Waxing and Discharging colour - here are my samples ...

Eventually these samples will all become 'something else' - I hope!


  1. I guess your next door neighbours are used to colourful sights like that on your washing line - it looks fab. My favourite is the first one, the pink/orange/purple one. YUMMY!

  2. Mmmm all gorgeous, the black and orange is very striking :-)
    Anne x

  3. Just beautiful - do share the 'something else' when they happen:-)

  4. Beautiful and delicious colors and patterns Jacqui...can't wait to see what you create from these wonderful samples...

  5. Thanks for your nice comment on my Erosion Art book, I have enjoyed taking a trip through your blog, you make wonderful things.

  6. Jacque, your blog is very interesting and diverse. You must be busy creating most of the time. I was wondering how I might learn to attach collage journal pages together. Soul collage is a similar technigue: creating a collage from magazine images, etc on a 5x8 card and then writing about them rather than on them. They are then placed in clear plastic for protection. The cards are said to symbolize various parts of our self and are used in a spiritual way. I keep mine in a special basket that I made for the purpose. Others use specially designated and decorated boxes. I like the idea of assembling a book and would love any tips you might have. Sue


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