Monday, 23 April 2012

Weekend ...

I don't have a lot to show for the weekend but I did watch a couple of inspiring videos. The first one here inspired me to these ...

They are tiles to be used as embellishments. The artist in the video used wooden tiles for her base ... I didn't have any, so cut up some matboard into 1" squares and used that which worked fine. My stamping was not good (mainly because I was too impatient for everything to dry thoroughly but these 4 (and 1 other) were acceptable out of the 10 I made (5 went straight in the bin!). I've covered the top left one with Glossy Accents and the others with various mediums just to see the difference. The fifth one is UTEE'd and this works as well as the glossy accents. I will definitely be making more of these.

The second video here was also very inspiring and although I don't have the Tim Holtz die I have cut by hand a strip of 'tickets' and plan to have a go ... watch this space?


  1. These look gorgeous Jacque

    Sam xxx

  2. Love your tiles. I had a quick look (without sound as I am in the office!) at the second video - looks great - I don't have the ticket die either, didn't think I'd use it... but I love what she did, as far in as I got away with....

    1. Love a 'sneaky' look - did you nearly get caught! - I think both these ladies are very talented. They make colouring look so easy. I do love the small scale of both these projects. Hope the week doesn't drag for you.

  3. They look so good, Jacqui! I really like how the glossy Accents brought out the colours of the first one. Fab work!

  4. The tiles are very cool - love the aged look.

  5. Your tiles look fab especially the butterfly one xx

  6. Hi I am new to the world of paper crafting having come from a fine art background. But these tiles look amazing thank you for the link. I also looked at some of your tags which are beautiful. I did enter Laura’s Tag swap I had never made a tag before so I hope mine will be okay.


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