Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Just a picture today - the prompt was about feet and moving forward - I think I am doing all I want but not everyone I love is in the same place - I have to keep relearning that I can only be there for support - I can't make 'it' happen ...

Monday, 10 September 2012


Today's task is to consider the 'teachers' that have influenced you throughout your life ... I loved thinking about this and chose these people ...

My Dad
My Mum
Miss Cole
Dr Claire Weekes
Dorothy Rowe
Ruth Bell
Nick and Sam

NB I don't know Dr Claire Weekes and Dorothy Rowe personally but their books have been invaluable.

These people have taught me ...
  • a love of words and stories and nature
  • a love of making ‘things’
  • a love of biology (science)
  • the value of friendliness
  • how important it is to have a sense of fun
  • how to stop being so anxious
  • how to learn about me and those around me
  • how to reflect
  • how to listen
  • how to get better at being true to myself
  • how to ‘lighten up’
  • what family and love means to me
In other words everything that is important in my life ... 

Again I'm not to happy with the finished page - although I do like the 'painty' background - but felt it needed to tie in with the first page.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Blogging or not?

I enjoy sharing what I make but am not a very active blogger these days ... since my last post I have continued 'creating' but not sharing so much. Some of this is due to laziness, other things to do etc and I have been trying to stay offline a little more than I used to! Some of the 'stuff' I have been doing is more along the art journaling lines ... scrappy, painty and a bit personal and I haven't decided whether or not to show some of those pages on here.

But in the meantime I have joined Shimelle's 'Learn Something New Each Day' online class - a little late in the day.

I 'discovered' Shimelle many years ago and love her reflective, easy style of scrapbooking/journaling. I still have the prompts/essays she wrote for a class that I took way back when - (I don't really 'do' scrapbooking, but do increasingly use photographs in journals and have developed a passion for mini albums).

I am thinking of recording the outcome on here - I'm probably going to be too lazy to do an actual physical journal page each day but might achieve a bit more blogging?

Day 1's task was to think about my 'last big adventure' ... and my first thought was studying for and getting a degree five years ago (fits well with the learning theme too). It was a first class honours and I won a prize so I did pretty well - but ... well read on.

As a by the way I have had many 'adventures' since then mostly involving new experiences, new scary opportunities, some travel, new jobs etc but the degree was the start of jumping outside my comfort zone.

But what I have really learned since then is:
1. I love being in my comfort zone
2. I don't care about money (much)
3. I value peace of mind over most other things

So ... the 'good', but extremely stressful job that I got after the degree has been abandoned; a year 'off ' just to be me has followed, and now I am looking forward to a new (part-time) job unrelated in many ways to that formal learning.

I have no regrets about the 'adventure'. I value the learning and the piece of paper that came at the end of it and I value the opportunities it has given me, and will continue to give me ... the thing that I value most though is what I have learned about me over the last few years because of it.

Finished journal 'page' is a bit weird but never mind ... it's done in a style that's not really me!