Sunday, 7 April 2013

Another month gone ...

... so quickly.

I made this today - it's for an 'Altered Wooden Heart' swap. This poor heart has been through at least four incarnations and has ended up ENTIRELY different from my plan - which just wouldn't work.

I ended up over-painting several other layers of papers, collage etc and finally used some turquoise acrylic colours - then finally breathed a sigh of relief - I felt there might be somewhere to go. The painted background ended up so pretty I really didn't want to cover it up ...

... but I had to so in the end just did this ...

... I covered the sides in lace and copper and that's where it will be left ...


  1. Oh, I like that! Love the stencilling/bumping! the chit chat on top is just enough.

  2. Jacqui, I go through several incarnations with my art work! Your heart ended gorgeous! I loved this color combo - turquoise and copper! And the print stamp was a perfect touch! Thanks for sharing! Candida

  3. This is lovely, and the beautiful background still shines through and brings wonderful depth to the piece. Happy April :-)

  4. ooh its gorgeous! The background still shows through brilliantly. I have just had a go at my first canvas and after many coats of acrylic, have ended up with it just painted black! It is now put away until I have some inspiration - not my finest hour! xx


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