Friday, 5 March 2010

Art From The Heart Workshop - Day 2

This two day Dina Wakley workshop in Harrogate was 'the best'. Day one was all about preparing, masking, painting, stenciling and a bit of journaling. Day two took it a bit further and was all about the layering process. The aim was 20 layers - a layer was any change e.g. colour, technique, direction etc and 20 'layers' was easier than it sounded. Here are my 3 'practice pieces.

Notice there is still no journaling - I have a big issue with my handwriting and plan to practice a bit more first. Well after these 3 pieces a bigger piece of paper was called for to get to the 20 'layers. Here's mine:

I rather liked this! You'll have to trust me re 'The 20 layers' - they are there - well 15 at least! This could be a finished piece of art or it could be turned into a mini book which is what I did. This worked amazingly well - not just for me - all the booklets were fabulous - each little page had a lovely coherency that was hard to believe. I can't wait to make another. Here is the booklet - I especially love the back page and hope you can see the texture which is modeling paste spread through a stencil - I will journal in it too - just need to get that handwriting better!


  1. Wow! wish I could have gone.looks like a great class:)

  2. OH how fab, looks like you had an amazing time, i'd love to try stuff like this but no workshops near me :(

    hugs minxy


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