Sunday, 28 March 2010

Collaborative Book

I was invited to take part in a collaborative book project recently and here are the results! The book was themed 'Nature' and was to be a paper bag book. 12 participants made 2 pages each so that the resulting book would be 24 pages. All the pages were sent to the hostess who sent them back out to participants with the necessary number of paper bags. All went smoothly and the pages are gorgeous! However what hadn't been anticipated was the depth of the resulting book and how best to bind it!

I recently took an online class with Mary Ann Moss where we made a journal. I really enjoyed this class and heartily recommend it - it also teaches a fab way to use up all that paper you've bought or saved and can't get rid of. The cover technique seemed perfect for this project so off I went. I don't feel I can go into too much detail regarding the process because it was someone else's class but the basics are to create a lightweight cardboard template sized to go around the pages, including a spine deep enough for them and then to create a fabric slip cover. All this is machine sewn. The pages are then attached using a standard pamplet stitch - I did each of mine individually so have 6 signatures.

Book closed (sorry this one is a bit blurry - the rest are better)

Inside front cover and page 1 by Hilda

Pages 2 and 3 by Liz and Adrienne

Pages 4 and 5 by Annie and Annette

Pages 6 and 7 by me and Linda

Pages 8 and 9 by Hilda and Teresa

Pages 10 and 11 by Debbie and Wendy

Pages 12 and 13 by Linda and Wendy

Pages 14 and 15 by Rachel and Margaret

Pages 16 and 17 by Debbie and Annette

Pages 18 and 19 by me and Liz

Pages 20 and 21 by Teresa and Rachel

Pages 22 and 23 by Adrienne and Annie

Page 24 by Margaret and inside back cover

These pages are really lovely as you can see - they are even better in 'real life' - loads of different techniques, depth and layers. Thank you all.


  1. Wow Wow Wow what an amazing book... such beautiful artwork and so individual...thanks for sharing :D
    Chris xx

  2. What an amazing project and keepsake! All the artists made such gorgeous pages!

  3. Congrats on the finished book, this has become a treasure!

  4. What a great use for the MAM book cover. A beautiful book to treasure.


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