Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Another Journal

Well I said I was becoming addicted to online classes and this is the result of another one - actually it's unfinished as it needs 'bits' added and some shading etc plus journaling of course on the pages. BUT I loved doing it - it was good for a change just to tear and glue and like the ROD journals uses up some of the mass of papers and pictures I have collected. It's from Kelly Kilmer's online class A Life Made By Hand. Check her out - she has a great blog with lots of lovely links. Anway here are some of the pages from the journal I made...

Just collage on these pages although I may decide to add some paint and/or ink. The journaling over the top really brings a page together...hopefully that shows up below...

Enjoyed making these pages especially the one on the right! Have my journaling planned already - I want to be like her as my hair greys - I was never outrageous enough when I was younger.

These are definately a bit 'bright' but I couldn't resist the painted fire hydrant.
I have kept the front cover simple and just attached one of my favourite paintings - 'The Sense of Sight' by Annie Sywnnerton.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A sort of quilting class

I spent last Friday at The Bramble Patch (again!) - this time for a workshop with Jenny Rolfe. ( I don't think she has a blog so have linked to one of her books so you can see 'who' she is) and had a really good time. The workshop was called Tall and Slim and it is a 'tall and slim' wallhanging! There was too much to do in one day so we concentrated on three of the seven pieces. I have carried on since and got this far ...

Piece1 - free machining on the back ground and flower pieces attached with satin stitch. Finished with beads and buttons and still waiting for the edges to be finished off so all the pieces can be joined together and hung. Pieces 2 and 3 are pretty much at this stage too and have been completed in the same way. The rest are appliqued but waiting for their embellishments.

With this last one I was finally pleased with my stitching!

Monday, 28 June 2010


I have always loved sewing (hand and machine) and have been very interested lately in art quilting. I'm still a novice and have dipped my toe in by making small fabric paper quilts and ATCs - see here and here.

Wanting to take this further I have read (a lot) and found great classes at The Bramble Patch - they are primarily a quilting shop but do a lot of mixed media workshops. The fabrics on sale are to die for!

Below is a journal cover made from hand dyed cotton which has been stamped and stencilled. The seed heads were screen printed and then foiled. I then added some wadding to the back and finished with a bit of free machining.

I love journals and journaling and have made some more Remains of the Day (ROD) journal pages for the inside of this cover. I learned how to do these from an online class with Mary Ann Moss (she also has a great blog) and just love doing them! They are completely addictive.

I think I am a bit addicted to online classes too as I have also done her Stitched and Stencilled and Stencilry workshops - all very enjoyable, however, I have done less stencilry and more sewing so far.

Anyway here are a few of the pages - they are 'bare' at present - just waiting to be journaled on.

All the pages are stitched together with whatever you have around, made into signatures then pamphlet stitiched into the cover.

I have used a mixture of magazine photos and personal ones. The girl at the back is my Grandmother, Maggie born in 1882, photographed here with her mother, sister and two brothers. Her mother was widowed by the time this was taken around 1892.

You can always showcase a bit of original 'art' too - see far right an experiment with Brusho.

This is the dog I grew up with, a little Jack Russell terrier called 'Nipper'. She lived to age 16 and this photo was taken near the end of her life in 1973.

Many of the pages have extra pockets and flaps for later additions. On the left here I have used a 'free' junk mail envelope.

My Mum (on the right!) - photo taken about 30 years ago.

A magazine photo and my own during a trip to Crete.

I like my colour co-ordination on this page.

Shakespeares sonnets and Hever Castle.

Love this ant picture - from National Geographic I think.

Sunday, 27 June 2010


These three little Vintage Geisha ATCs are ready for a swap and will be posted out soon.

The card is painted with acrylics and then a strip of patterned paper is added to the left hand side. Copies of the Geisha Girls are attached. The cherry blossoms are stamped with Stazon onto tissue paper, torn out and then glued in place with gel medium. I have coloured over this with Copic Ciao markers and finished the cards with 2 little 'gems' and some white dots.

Saturday, 26 June 2010


This was on my old blog but wanted a record of it here. The stamps are all from Oxford Impressions - one of my favourite stamp companies.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Tags 1 and 2

UK Stampers offer a tag challenge every week or so - I think they are now on Tag 20 but I am a little behind! Here are my takes on challenges 1 and 2.

The requirements for Tag 1 are: a stamped image, lace and glitter (my glitter is subtle as I am not really a 'glitter' girl, but it is there!)

Tag 2 uses: a stamped image, Glitter and buttons (it's a rolling recipe and each week one item is taken off and another one added). Check out UK Stampers - follow the link in the sidebar

Not sure if I will catch up but I enjoyed making these!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

To blog or not to blog

Not too much 'art' around here lately although I have been working on journal pages of various sorts - I don't usually blog these though! Anyway I did make these today for a 'hanging ATC' swap. They are from an idea by Ruth Rae in her book 'Layered, Tattered and Stitched' - pretty much a copy really but fun to do!