Sunday, 25 July 2010


I love workshops - online and 'for real'. Some months ago I went on a 'real' workshop with Angie Hughes where we made woven bookwraps. I never really finished mine at the time but have just 'found' them and would like to to complete them - it's a cool idea. The idea was to weave strips of torn cloth, stamp and foil them, cover with organza and free machine over the top.

This is the first 'weaving stage

and here's one with some stamping and foiling added.
The finished piece below has been machined with gold thread and made into a book wrap.

I got quite carried away with these and have another ready to finish off ...

and here it is with red organza over - may decide to change this though - it's a bit too red for my liking!


  1. Love the foiling - will have to try that on my next one ;-)

  2. These look fabulous. May have to give it a try sometime.

  3. These are truly beautiful, my compliments to you!

  4. Gorgeous!!! Looking forward to your pics from the journaling weekend :)


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