Sunday, 16 January 2011

Art Journal daily pages

I am not a very consistent blogger! - its not the blogging as such - it is getting round to taking the photographs that I have trouble with. I have been trying to art journal every day however and here are 2 weeks worth in one go. Some are better than others...


  1. They were worth waiting for!

  2. Very nice, Jacque. Your artwork is beautiful and your pages gave me ideas for trying out this process. I have kept journals for years and doing art more increasingly, but putting them together is still "enigma." :o) Thx for sharing. ~ Suzanne ~

  3. Good on you - I am not managing art every day, but art every week works for me at the moment! Especially love your first 2 pages in this post :-)

  4. I Love Your Awesome!!!!


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