Sunday, 17 April 2011


I finally have something worth blogging. Creativity has been a little slow lately but these experiments with oiled paper which I made for a swap turned out quite well. I have used ordinary cheap copy paper and coloured it with spray inks in the first two pictures and with Brusho watercolours for the third. The Brusho sheet was stamped prior to colouring with Stazon ink using some floral stamps from The Artistic Stamper. The papers were then coated with oil (extra virgin olive oil in this case). This is worked into the paper by crumpling it over and over. It should then take an hour or so to dry, however I used far too much oil and the paper remained very oily so I put it between sheets of newspaper and ironed it a number of times with a hot iron until the oil was mostly removed. The results were a fabric like paper that took stitch beautifully. The green paper has Mistyfuse ironed onto it to give a black cobwebby effect but it is hard to pick up in the picture. I have made an ATC with each piece and have treated the paper exactly like fabric, backing it with felt before machining.


  1. How gorgeous! Glad you got some time to create art again!

  2. great results Jacqui. well worth the time involved.

  3. Hi Jacqui, stunning stuff, all gorgeous colours :-) This is a new technique to me - one I'm defintely going to try :-)
    Anne xx

  4. I've just found out about oiled paper - the suggestion I saw was to use brown paper, magazine pages, wrapping paper, napkins (pre-stitch a grid to hold it together) and I thought about painting newspaper.
    I love the colours an texture you've achieved.

  5. Beautiful - I must try this :-)


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