Friday, 18 November 2011

Album box 2

This is the second box I made - see previous post for links to the Utube tutorials I followed for inspiration. This one is 3/4" deep which gives a little more space for embellishment and is, I think, better thought out. This one has the photographs added as I plan to give it as a Christmas present.

The box closed and tied with ribbon. It measures just over 6" x 6" x 3/4". It is constructed with black cardstock and the paper is Basic Grey Marjoline.

With top and bottom flaps open

With left upper flap open

and then the right one

now with the inner lower flap down you can see the left and right inner flaps. The following pictures show these open and I've removed a couple of the photograph mounts to show spaces for journaling on the backs 

and here is the box with the photographs in place and showing the opened 'spread'

With this box I wanted to add a few extra pictures so made another pocket on the back ...

the ribbon tie holds everything in place.

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  1. Lovely - like all the tags and places to photograph pockets. It looks as though it took some time to make but well worth the effort. Elizabeth x


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