Thursday, 17 November 2011

Album Boxes

The album 'box' on yesterdays desk is the third one I've made and still needs finishing off. The original video demo of these appears to be by Vanilladaze on Utube. I have watched this and taken further inspiration from Creativecafegirl and Charliejones2686 (who also has a series of tutorials on Utube showing how she put this together).

The box below is pretty much the vanilladaze version but I made some alterations for the next two I made. These are fairly minor adjustments to the measurements and I have made the boxes 3/4" deep rather than 1/2". I have also been careful about where I add the embellishments in the later versions so the boxes are flat when closed - almost - no major bulges anyway.

So here are the pictures of my first box which is 1/2" deep ...

The box closed, measures just over 6" square and the paper used is Basic Grey 'Wisteria'.

With the top and bottom flaps opened and showing pockets and tags that I have created with spaces for photographs

Next with right and then left upper flaps opened ...

and then inner bottom flap (below) ...

Next we can open right and left inner flaps ...

to reveal the final inner back page and the entire 'open' spread'.

Some of the pages are a bit thick in this album and the second box I made is better thought out ... I have also added the photographs to the second one as it is intended to be a Christmas present. I will photograph it and upload later.

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