Friday, 13 January 2012


Two 4" x 6" postcards for an Alphabetica swap with a group I belong too ...

A is for Alcohol Ink background, Appliqué (paper) and Abodes

B is for Background (torn book page and acrylic paint), Branch (bough), Beak and Bird

I enjoyed getting back to backgrounds and stamping - but the end of the alphabet seems a long way off ...


  1. These postcards are fab, I can't choose a favourite! I'm looking forward to seeing all the rest - you are going to be busy! Wanted to comment on your previous couple of posts but Blogger wouldn't let me!! Most annoying xx

    1. Thank you Chris I appreciate your looking at my little blog - i hope to do the rest however 'THE PUPPY' has arrived and is now running the household and absorbing huge amounts of my time! so will have to see - luckily it is a swap you are able to dip in and out of

  2. Just found your blog through Tag Tuesday, which I am also doing and I have really enjoyed browsing your pages - I just love the colours in these Alphabet postcards, they work really well. Love your tags too.
    If Molly lived with me I am sure I'd get no work done either - she'd adorable! I shall definitely pop back and see what arty stuff you are up to!


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