Saturday, 4 February 2012


More than two weeks have gone by with very little crafting  - almost none! - due mainly to this little 'time waster'.

Molly is now 10 weeks old and really 'finding her feet' - in some 'good ways' but mostly she is 'trouble on four legs' - luckily she's adorable!

Back to crafting shortly I hope. I do have a video to be going on with - this is another mini album created with some old basic grey papers. The pages are made from toilet paper rolls ...


  1. Oh, Jacqui - she is soooo cute! (this from a not-really-a-dog-person!) She has such a lovely face... Your new mini book is fab too..

  2. She is precious - we did a Christmas day rescue of an older Boston terrier - she is not puppy trouble - but takes a lot of time. Well worth it tho - blood pressure/anxiety totally comes down in direct relation to petting time!

  3. Oh my goodness, she is the cutest puppy ever!! I have awarded you the Liebster Award which is a way of encouraging people to visit your fabulous blog. If you would like to join in, pop along to my blog and have a look see. xx

  4. That's a beautiful book! Those are my favorite papers ever! And the puppy isn't bad, either. :)

  5. Molly is so adorable. I love the way her face is marked. Your little mini book is fab!

  6. Hi Jacqui, Molly is adorable, soooo cute :-)
    The mini album is simply stunning, I haven't done much paper crafting for months but this has definitely whetted my appetite, I must have a go :-)
    Anne xx


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