Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I was sadly lacking in inspiration over the weekend and only managed this tag ...

... because of the lacking thing I went in search of something to kick start me and found this by Eva Dobilas. I loved it - her work has great use of colour - and thought it would start me off! I ended up pretty much copying it which was not the idea - not sure why except maybe I liked it too much - anyway I wanted to change the blue heart to a metal brad in the bottom flower but couldn't get it off without tearing the paper too much so it is staying. The only positive thing is that I made all the embellishments myself, including the rosette, by hand (except the leaves which are spellbinders).


  1. The red "pop" so beautifully against the other colours.
    So pretty.

  2. Loving your tag - your embellishments are cool especially the rosette. xx


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