Thursday, 31 May 2012

Black and White ATCs with ...

... a touch of red ...

... I am showing these because they were on my desk yesterday and I did finish them ... however they are far from my best work. I have been felled by the 'Migraine Monster' for 4 of the last 6 days and to be honest it's been grim. If anyone out there has had any success in reducing (curing???) or at least managing their migraines please get in touch - I'm getting desperate ...


  1. my sympathy for the migraines - my ex hubby used accupuncture... love the atc's!

  2. Oh dear Jacqui, you too, the weather has gotten to me too. Unfortunately I haven't found anything that works up to now - Sam xxx

  3. Oh you poor thing, I am a sufferer too, will email to let you know what i use to keep them under control. Might be a little later though. Your ATC's are lovely, I love the touch of red! xx

  4. Wonderful work. :) Have you heard of EFT, it can help with many many problems.


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