Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I'm late to Julia's party again and really don't understand how the weeks fly by so fast ... still my desk today looks like this and as this is my third post since last week I guess there has been some creating going on ...

I'm making 'dimensional circlies' ... I know what you're thinking ... I didn't know what they were either but the swap group 'leaders' have come up with the idea and it appeals to me ... essentially they are round ATCs! ... I hope so anyway. 

We are to use complimentary colours hence the colour wheel (I always have to check) and there are 9 to do all different. My first two are just waiting for their embellishments. 

The contraption at the front is a Bow Easy ... an ingenious and fabulous little tool for tying even and flat bows. 

Hope to 'see' you this week.


  1. Very curious about your bow easy, not seen one of those before. Your desk looks very productive. Thanks for sharing Tracey ±31

  2. Love the idea of round ATCs!
    And aren't colour wheels invaluable?!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Laura 121

  3. So many ideas on the WOYWW meme! #100

  4. All sounds very technical to me Jacqui , bit like the pencil tins I did with my day centre group on Monday.
    I didn't think about the tins being different sizes hah!
    Lynn 32
    One I made earlier today

  5. No I haven't heard of dimensional circles - waiting now to see what they look like when you get them finished!
    Bernice (145)

  6. Sounds very interesting! As does the bow maker, actually! Trish #57

  7. Round ATCs, sounds very novel and look forward to seeing the finished projects. Never seen a bow maker like yours before ... trying to work out how it works but not figuring it out at all. Hope you've had a good WOYWW. Elizabeth x #42

  8. I have seen round ATC's before but i have not made one, will be interested to see yours when completed so please post about them.

    Eliza #19

  9. Love the idea of a round ATC.. would love to see them when finished... I too have this bow maker and I love it... Hugs May x x x x#26

  10. a round atc... i'm very curious... hope you'll show one when it's done :)
    thanks for a peek at your desk and have a great week!

  11. Love the thought of round atcs.

  12. I have never heard of round ATC's before, yours look fab. The old iron is awesome! xx

  13. OK, I'm at a loss, because I thought ATCs HAD to be a certain size. However, I like the looks of yours. It was great to see someone using a color wheel. I made my own. Thanks for dropping by. I DID make it for a visit. Happy belated WOYWW from number 5.

  14. A round ATC, oh dear, I'm so behind the times! Had to enlarge to see more, like the colour ways you're using. I've recently invested in a bow tier gizmo, but yet to read and try the instructions, so am happy to have read your opinion!

  15. Had heard of round ATC's but did wonder how you got past the sizes that are given for ATC's. Have also bought a bow maker thingy - not tested it out yet. Tahnks for visiing me sorry I'm so late. Anne x


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