Monday, 10 September 2012


Today's task is to consider the 'teachers' that have influenced you throughout your life ... I loved thinking about this and chose these people ...

My Dad
My Mum
Miss Cole
Dr Claire Weekes
Dorothy Rowe
Ruth Bell
Nick and Sam

NB I don't know Dr Claire Weekes and Dorothy Rowe personally but their books have been invaluable.

These people have taught me ...
  • a love of words and stories and nature
  • a love of making ‘things’
  • a love of biology (science)
  • the value of friendliness
  • how important it is to have a sense of fun
  • how to stop being so anxious
  • how to learn about me and those around me
  • how to reflect
  • how to listen
  • how to get better at being true to myself
  • how to ‘lighten up’
  • what family and love means to me
In other words everything that is important in my life ... 

Again I'm not to happy with the finished page - although I do like the 'painty' background - but felt it needed to tie in with the first page.

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  1. Your posts are really making me think! I wonder who I have learnt from? Must get my thinking cap on. I keep meaning to have a go at a journal page but still haven't taken the plunge xx


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