Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Resurrecting this blog again ... it's not that I'm not creating, just that I am lazy about uploading :-)) Anyway I am inspired to join in Julia's blog 'hop' today ... you will find dozens of other desks to visit here ... most of them much more interesting than mine ...

Some finished ATCs for a swap and some background paper ready for another project.

Edit 22/11/12 - sorry the ATCs are a bit blurry and a bit distant - deliberate because they are meant to be a surprise BUT they will show up on here in the future when they are swapped out :-)) and YES I do use the flat iron to straighten stuff out - it is nice and small and heavy,


  1. Hi Jacqui! Really cute ATC's. That background paper looks so fun!
    Karen 109

  2. Welcome back! Love the ATC's. Helen, 9

  3. Sweet ATC's - is that a Gorjuss stamp you've used?

  4. Both look very interesting! ATCs are sweet.. Thanks for coming my way..Sandi #105

  5. Great background paper and ATCs, Jacqui. Also, I love the iron just peeking into the picture - very useful for flattening out wrinkly paper, I've no doubt, lol!

    Thanks for your nice comment - glad you like the cards. If I have enough energy, the next project my desk is all ready for may begin tomorrow!

    Happy WOYWW,

  6. Oh those ATCs look great. Hope you get in the Christmas Mood soon thanks for visiting me this week. BJ#5

  7. Good looking ATCs, and I'm having a bit of a turquoise thing at the moment, so I love the look of that background paper! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  8. Hi Jacqui welcome back and thanks for saying my desk still looks neat and tidy - I'm trying so hard to make it look creative each week but failing miserably lol. Your ATC's look interesting just can't see them closeup enough though.
    Cheers, Elaine #35

  9. Thanks for visiting me, Jacqui. The background paper is a great colour overall. It's a bit hard to see the detail but ATCs look cute.

  10. Hi there, Your ATCs look interesting, but we need a close up :)
    Thanks for visiting and for your kind comment re my cards. By the way, I've got an iron like that stashed away somewhere! Happy WOYWW.

  11. Good morning, I'm a day late but am trying to pop on by and say hi to everyone this week!

  12. I love the iron. Jacqui, you are amazing. Hope the job is going well my friend.

    1. Thanks Iley - hope you are well and that you having a good thanksgiving.

  13. Will come back for a better look at your ATCs - they look good even when blurry.
    Sorry I didn't visit yesterday - time takes over. thanks for visiting and hope you manage to get on with your winter house - mine is still sitting there half-done.
    Ann B

  14. love the blue paper but can't see much of the ATC due to my blogger program I guess. Sometimes makes them so small you can hardly see anything! Will come back later. Have a great week and see you next Wednesday! Vickie #2

  15. Interesting atc's - must view again when you download them in full. Have to say I think the old flat iron is fabulous.
    Hugs, Neet 47 (thanks for visiting me) xx

  16. Well, what I can see of the ATC's they look great. I hope to see them clearer soon! Happy WOYWW xxx Laura #51

  17. Lovely background paper, thanks for visiting - sorry I'm so late this week.
    Bernice #123

  18. Lovely background paper there Jacqui and those ATCs look interesting too.


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