Sunday, 11 May 2014


The PaperArtsy blog has been full of inspiration this week and I had a play with a few techniques from Ellen Vargo's tag book which is stunning.

Unfortunately I don't have any of her stamps (yet!) and I don't have the elusive dry waxed deli paper that appears on so many USA mixed media artists lists of essential supplies - if anyone knows what this is in the UK please let me know - and where to buy it.

Any way I used the paint scrape technique to apply Fresco Finish paints to my background, tissues paper to stamp the black and white repeating border and distress ink to stamp background in toning colour as well as a few other bits and pieces to create this journal page ... hopefully I am in time to join in this week!

It needs a bit more work and the 'journaling' but I think I will make this into a double page spread in my DLP journal


  1. Looks fab, Jacqui - running a bit late, lol!!

  2. Looks great.

    We don't have an exact equivalent in the UK, but PaperArtsy have just started selling a new paper that is a cross between the old PA tissue paper and deli paper, give that a try and see what you think.

  3. You made it just in time. :) This is terrific, the houses look fab against that gorgeous background.

  4. Lovely piece, I like the layered background and the stamped houses.

  5. I love your houses and your background, Jacqui. Thanks for asking about the deli paper! The PA alternative sounds great. Julie Ann xxx

  6. I love your border against that yummy background. Art from the Heart are stocking the dry wax paper


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