Friday, 16 March 2012


Regular readers (if I have any left) will have noticed a distinct lack of crafting over the last year - life really got in the way for a while. I am gradually getting back to it though and have signed up for a couple of ATC swaps to get my mojo going! I have always loved making ATCs and if you have followed my dabbles with mini albums it's fairly obvious that creativity on a small scale is where I like to be. My previous post showed the backgrounds and here are the finished cards. Four for the swap and one to keep.

When I am making anything for a swap I almost always have a couple of extras that I 'play' with first and in this case it was the one with the Z. If you look closely there are some subtle changes to the background stamping and my first attempt used a smaller focal point stamp. I also tried the fountain pen as a cut out piece. Neither worked well. A larger stamped image was chosen. It also took a while to come up with the metal mesh behind the stamped image - I knew it needed 'something' and the light dawned as I was dropping off to sleep late last night. I have had the mesh - unused- for years - literally years!

All the stamps used - except the pen - are by Paperartsy.


  1. They are so cool! The mesh was such a good idea. Its so good you have started crafting again xx

    1. Thanks Chris hope you are feeling ok today


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