Saturday, 31 August 2013

Kelly Kilmer

Kelly Kilmer was one of the first journal artists who inspired me and I have taken several of her classes, although the last was some years ago ... and I follow her blog daily.

My 'friend' Lyn in New Zealand has signed up to a more recent online class and after reading Lyn's blog I decided to join in too - at first I was going to take the latest class but after looking through the details have settled on the same one as Lin. 

The class is called 'The Journey Within'

I made my journal using the covers from an old hardback diary and have completed the first page ... (the cover will get decorated later)

I really, really disliked this page when I started it - so when it came to the writing (journaling?) that is what I wrote about ... AND once I started adding the black patterned strips, punched strip and swirly die it did seem to come together a bit and the handwriting tied it up even more. I think that's what I like about this style of journaling - the writing always seems to improve a page whatever you have put down on it and lets face it this is a bit of a mash up. I was just using 'bits' close to hand, the first picture I came to in a magazine, a bit of stamping (flowers) and some colouring in with Sakura Glaze pens.


  1. Fun times - looking forward to seeing what else we can do :-)

    1. Hope I can keep up! - I have done a page 2 but have yet to photograph it and upload - Monday to Wednesday are my proper job days but are so busy/chaotic/stressful it takes me most of Thursday just to relax and catch up with all the other daily chores and everyday life stuff :-)

  2. Jacqui, I have the same feeling when I start a journal page. It never looks "right". The writing, however, seems to mend it all together. The whole thing draws me in and the final touches are then easy to detect, like just a touch of color here and there using a strip of paper or a spot of paint. I love just adding little punched out circles from different colors of the magazines. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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